Temporary Spray Tattoo Kits

Mono colour fake tattoos are the latest trend to take the celebrity and fashion world by storm – from Rihanna’s heavenly stars to Harry Styles’ ever growing array of body art being splashed all over the world’s press, there’s no doubt that this huge trend has gone global! Whether you call them cosmetic tattoos or temporary spray tattoos, it doesn’t matter, so, why not get the look of a real tattoo, without making it permanent...

Our cheap tattoo kits are a sophisticated alternative to paperback temporary tattoos. Our stylish range is available in Blue for Unisex stencils containing grungy stars and tribal designs and our pink feminine temporary tattoo starter kit has subtle cute ribbons, delicate butterflies and more.

Our unisex stencil tattoo packs are available in large and small, so you can apply a spray tattoo almost anywhere on your body - so, whether you want a small tattoo on your wrist or behind your ear or to create a statement with a larger design - you can.

Bigger body art tattoo designs can be created by simply using the smaller stencils to build a unique design of your own! Push the fashion boundaries and rock your own edgy look!

Check out our hints and tips page on correctly using cosmetic tattoo spray and stencils or our FAQ's page answers the more common questions relating to the application of body art tattoos.

Spray it…
See it…
Believe it!

Our cosmetic tattoos are easy and quick to apply, so you can get your new cool and trendy look in minutes!!!

Clear skin and allow to dry prior to application.
Carefully remove backing paper from stencil & gently pat down to ensure adhesion onto skin.
Shake the can. Spray in a sweeping motion at a distance of 15cm until stencil is covered.
Ensure your tattoo is fully dry before gently peeling off the stencil.
Replace the backing paper onto the stencil and store in the original pack for future use.